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Facilitating the receipt, delivery, and compilation of hundreds of cards, letters, case files, and works of art from and to more than 600 children in eight orphanages from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia is no easy task. Shucks just reading that last sentence was exhausting. The children of Interhope are very well-aware of their sponsors. In fact, they are fascinated by the lifestyles, homes, and families of their sponsors. They ask endless questions about snow and details of the far away states and cities of their sponsors. They collect cards, letters, and photos from America. It is common for a dozen kids to spend hours discussing some detail seen in the background of photographs. What kind of car is that? Is that what their house looks like on the inside? Is that whole house for only four people? What is a snowmobile (and does it fly)? Has my sponsor been in any movies?  What fantastic things are in all those wrapped packages under the Christmas tree?

In each of our orphanages the children have evening prayers before bed and their sponsors–both known and unknown–are lifted up to the Lord. This is not done out of any sense of obligation, but out of a spirit of true thankfulness. After a child has lived for months or years in a brothel or as a slave in a sweat shop or a scavenger on a garbage dump they never, never forget what God has saved them from. Every warm meal, every night in a clean bed, every loving hug, every opportunity to learn, every single day spent as part of a “Forever Family” is a gift from God.

Sponsorship funds are sorely needed in the orphan homes where the children live. We believe the intention of every sponsor is to provide for the needs of abandoned and orphaned children, not to fund the development of frequent updates. Some organizations spend more than half of all sponsorship dollars on mailings designed to “service the sponsor” and hopefully generate additional donations. We are strongly opposed to this practice and believe our sponsors are too.  There is a danger that sponsors will lose interest in their child if they do not receive more frequent updates, but we embrace that risk in order to feed, clothe, house, and educate the children. We believe that is the intent of our child sponsors.

We must maintain at all times a certain separation between child and sponsor to prevent our children, who have already experienced profound abandonment, from forming unrealistic expectations or an inappropriate sense of attachment.  Since the beginning of our sponsorship program we are pleased to report that this has not happened though we are aware that it has been a problem in other sponsorship organizations.

It is indescribably beautiful to see the love and compassion that our sponsors have for the children and the love and appreciation that our children have for their sponsors. The prayers lifted up on behalf of these kids have gone forth to great effect and this is far beyond anything we have done or ever could. God has heard the prayers of His people and brought to these children healing, peace, comfort, abiding hope,  joy and of course, a future beyond anything they hoped or dreamed.

Look at the jubilant, hopeful art they create. How colorful their world is, how joyful. The laughter of childhood has now obliterated the suffering, despair, abandonment and abuse they once knew.

…to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes,the oil of gladness instead of mourning,and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.They will be called oaks of righteousness,a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor. Isaiah 61:3


Sponsorship Updates will arrive staggered because they are coming to us that way from the field.  Some who sponsor more than one child in different countries may receive updates some weeks apart. Thank you for your prayers, support , patience, encouragement, and compassion. God has used you to touch many lives.




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