Without the Local Church, We’re Done

Posted by Staff | October 12, 2016  |  No Comment

Everything you read about in our publications began at the Salem United Methodist Church, pictured above, when this small congregation embraced us as new missionaries in 1998. Since then, God gave us the vision for orphan rescue and through leadership with Interhope, we’ve (you and us) helped rescue more than a thousand children from brothels, sweat shops, garbage dumps, and street life. Through our child care homes and mission churches, especially in Cambodia, India, and Burma, we care for more than 600 at any given time. Thousands have come to Christ through evangelistic outreach and most of those have been grafted into local churches as part of the revival sweeping southeast Asia in recent years. So we say with Zechariah 4:10  “Who dares despise the day of small things…?” God can change the world in important ways through a small, local church. It may not be readily apparent to most, but this powerful force for Good is being assaulted in the public policy arena. Political correctness and the politics of censorship will come knocking at the door of the church very soon according to legal experts and our ability to speak the truth from scripture could one day soon be considered “hate speech.” Of course, aging congregations and changing demographics are a more present threat. Missions can only exist when a local church has the ability and inspiration to reach out and touch their world—their local world and their wider world. I urge you to pray for your church, and determine to do everything you can to strengthen, encourage, and grow that family of faith. An active lay person who is vocal and enthusiastic in their faith can influence more people than any pastor.


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