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Interhope is an organization of believers committed to the rescue of abandoned and orphaned children. Most people are surprised to discover that there are more than 100 million such children living on the streets of the world’s cities,  being trafficked for sexual exploitation, enslaved in sweat shops or brothels, or living in Third World garbage dumps.

Dozens of our children were rescued from mountains of filth and refuse in the notorious Phnom Penh garbage dump where they pick through the rotting piles all day to earn just fifty cents, barely enough to keep them alive to face another day.

The followers of Jesus Christ are changing the world in innumerable ways, and a small group are making a big difference for abandoned kids. Many hundreds of children have been rescued and, at this very moment, almost 700 are living in our Christ-centered children’s homes. How we’d love for you to be able to visit one of our orphanages where so many beautiful, intelligent, and hard-working children live, play, and worship as brothers and sisters.  Look at a few of their sweet faces pictured below.

God and His people have done so much for these children, but we must remember that no government or corporate entities stand ready to lend a hand. No municipalities, mega-millionaires or well-funded charitable foundations will be there to make sure there is food on the table or a roof overhead. If the rich and powerful will not help, then who will be there for these rescued children and for those not yet rescued? Who will be there? Just us; just you and us! This small group of Christ-followers who do what we can each month to reach out to the least of these.  A dear pastor and friend is fond of saying this time of year, “It’s not your birthday.” We must take care, when showering each other with gifts in our comfortable homes, to remember the least, the lost, the very poorest among us. They are depending on us… just us.    



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