For this Child I Have Prayed. I Samuel 1:27

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“For this Child I Have Prayed” I Samuel 1:27

In 1975 Communism engulfed Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge sought to establish a Marxist utopia; they renamed the country Democratic Kampuchea and began destroying business, industry, all symbols of technological modernity and the Christian church. Two million people were killed. Even today many stories of the courage and faith of those Cambodian Christians linger in the memories of some. We were told of a Christian named Haim whose last act on Earth was to witness boldly and lovingly to the Communist guards before being buried alive in a mass grave. Every church in Cambodia was burned or seized for conversion to another use. Pastors were killed outright. Millions of Christians fled the country or were forced to abandon their faith. The Christian church was almost obliterated from the beautiful land of Cambodia. Missionaries first brought Christianity to Cambodia hundreds of years ago and now, amazingly, missionaries have returned to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ, to plant churches, to build schools, to feed and clothe the poor, and to rescue orphaned children and build for them loving homes. Cambodia, the blood soaked land, scarred and war torn for so long is experiencing a revival. Thousands are coming to Christ all over the country. Many Christian institutions are being established but even with this flurry of activity 98% of Cambodians are lost to the Christian message. Interhope has chosen to do evangelism not through loud speakers or television programs but by rescuing the unwanted children of Cambodia, loving them and raising them to be men and women of God.
Christians are not the only religious workers in Cambodia. Muslims are also constructing mosques and building their institutions. It is amazing to see the  dramatic shift and collision of cultures that will ultimately define the nature of this country in the future. So who is funding Cambodia’s revival? Is it the United Nations or the US government? Is it Coca-cola, Microsoft, or McDonald’s? Is it the American Cancer Society, National Public Radio, or UNICEF? Certainly not, it is none these. The revival in Cambodia is being funded by a church in Wisconsin that had a loose change drive, a family in Michigan who gives $50 per month, a Sunday School class in Georgia that takes up a collection every Sunday, a 22 year-old, just starting out, who gives when he can and many more similar examples. A small army of God’s people who send what they can and do what they can are shaping the destiny of Cambodia. The prayers and gifts of God’s people avail much!
Arun Paul, our adventurous missionary in Phnom Penh is always about the Lord’s business. Acting on behalf of Interhope he paid 1.5 million Riel to a brothel madam for two little girls being held captive in her house. The girls, age seven and nine, were “sold” to us for the sum of $370 US dollars. These beautiful girls have been saved from a life of unspeakable horror. They are safe now. They are at home in a “forever family” and they are part of the Christian destiny of Cambodia. For these children—and all the others—we have prayed, we have given, and we have asked of the Lord for His help, protection, provision and guidance. Thank you, people of God. Our Lord is using your gifts to change the world.



  1. Richard Hinson says:

    Dear Thad,

    Thank you for your work. Your outreach touches so many lives. We are grateful for the opportunity to support this amazing ministry. We’ve witnessed, first hand, the high level of sacrifice and integrity that distinguishes your operation. Dori and I hope you’ll be able to stay with us again when you come to Makarska.

    Your friend in Christ,

  2. Bonny Kreisler says:

    I am done with my complaining. We are so blessed. I feel ashamed of myself for being selfish.

  3. Raymond Hernandez says:

    I am so grateful to be able to support your ministry. When I read of the need and the joyful transformation being brought to broken lives I am filled with a desire to do more and pray more. May God continue to use this ministry to save the least and the lost and I am thankful to offer my support.

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