Orpita’s World

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On the banks of a river in east India this young girl, named Orpita washes carbon residue from rods which have been removed from batteries. She works with three older girls at a makeshift factory. They dismantle spent batter- ies, remove the rods, wash them in a toxic solution, count, and sort them. In a day these four girls can process about 15,000 batteries. They are paid 9 cents for every 1000 rods processed. They must split the money between them. Orpita is the youngest and therefore receives the smallest portion. These children do not go to school. They work 6 and a half days each week. Each of them is being gradually poisoned by the chemicals used to clean the rods. For one week the group makes $8.77. Orpita gets about $1.60 for the week which with which she buys food.

Tragic stories are everywhere and we know that people in many parts of the world are suffering. Why must we know and care about the plight of these girls? It is because they are within our reach. That is why we must care. Interhope is a group of believers who are actively engaged in the rescue of children just like these girls. The youngest, like Orpita, are our prime candidates for rescue. Through our efforts—ours and yours—we have been able to rescue many like these. Orpita’s guardian will not allow her to enter the orphanage at this time.


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