Resurrection Day

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the vital central belief of Christianity. The abiding belief that He rose from the dead animates us and shapes our view of the world. Out of that vital center flows an endless fountain of Hope. Because Christ defeated sin and death and because He adopted us as His own children so that we might share in His resurrection, we can never view the world, the future, or our lives with hopeless cynicism. Even in the face of great hardship, even in the midst of long battles with sickness, even when those around us bring pain into our lives, even at our lowest point, our darkest hour, even then Hope remains. He is risen and so we know that we shall rise.

I have been “at war”—a philosophical war—with an old friend for decades. We met in college, soon after which he turned his back on his faith and under the influence of crusading university professor my friend became a committed atheist. Like me he relishes an opportunity to defend his beliefs and so every few months we will speak by phone and in no time our debate resumes. But recently he made an amazing confession. He said, “I envy you Christians. You can face anything. You always find hope to face whatever comes.” Even an atheist can recognize the amazing power of Hope. How many of us have borne the heartache of seeing a friend in the faith bravely face a fatal illness? In those times we become witnesses to the beautiful inner strength that faith creates and though hope seems to deplete at times, we return to find it present. Truly, there is a peace that passes all understanding.

Such Hope animates the children of Interhope to press on with joy, forgetting their pasts. Such hope animates those who reach out to them—the senders of Interhope—whose faith generates many acts of love toward the least and the lost. On the inner pages of this newsletter you will see some, not all—by no means are all listed—but some of the senders whose love—fueled by faith, inspired by hope—has reached far across the world to turn darkness into light.

The world around us can be disheartening at times, but I encourage you to draw away from contentious politics, decadent culture, and it’s frenetic media that shouts at us without ceasing. Turn it off, shut it down, unplug, discon- nect, power down, get alone in a quiet place and notice that the voice of God speaks to those who will hear. When I consider the un-rescued children we have encountered, like Orpita (back cover), and I think for a moment about the distressing economics of her daily life I am heart broken. But I am not powerless. I can care and I can pray and we know that prayers avail much.

I can give knowing that just some of the money I spend on amusements and unneeded things is more than enough change the life of an abandoned child forever. Look at the names and faces of some of God’s special people for they have planted Hope in far away places and they cultivate faith in the hearts of children who destined to trans- form their own culture. As Resurrection Day approaches lift high a voice of praise for He live and so shall we!

—Thad Wilkinson

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