“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me.”

Jesus Christ, Matthew 25:40


How can I send His love to the front lines of the mission field?2018-11-21T12:48:25-05:00

Becoming a sender is the most important way to truly be a part God’s mission to the world. If you feel led to do this, then please fill out this online form and pledge whatever you can afford. Even the smallest regular gift is vital to the work of missions.

Your prayers and gifts support the daily needs of abandoned and orphaned children being raised for Christ deep within unreached nations where Christ is not known.

You can cease your pledge at any me. You will never be billed, for this is a covenant between you and the Lord.

Can one person even make a difference?2018-11-21T12:45:53-05:00

Absolutely, you can make a tremendous difference! Pray for the orphaned children of Interhope who have never received the prayers and love of a mother or father. Send any amount you can, no matter how small. Your dollars go a long way in the Third World and we have gone to great lengths to keep our expenses as low as possible. The children raise crops, pigs, and chickens. We even have a small fishery in Cambodia. We stretch every cent to do the maximum good.

If you make a pledge, or simply request our newsletter, you will receive all the latest updates on child rescues as they happen throughout the year. This information is not posted online for security reasons.

Please pray about being a part of this mission. We need you! You can donate online right now. Thank you for giving to the Lord; may God bless you richly.

Why should I be concerned about people in far away places?2018-11-21T12:43:02-05:00

There is one supreme reason you should care about people in far away places: Because the Lord commanded us specifically to do so.
The last words He spoke before ascending into heaven include this commission to each of us:

Go and make disciples of all nations.
Mathew 28:19

He said “Go”, which is the opposite of staying to reach just our own. He said “make disciples”, which is a long process requiring missionaries to live and do ministry among the people. He said “all nations” which means many nations other than our own, and other than those which are easy to reach or fun to visit.

How can I participate in the Great Commission?2019-01-02T01:06:51-05:00

The Apostle Paul asked a similar question in Romans 10:15, “How can anyone take the Good News to them unless they are sent? As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” All missionary activity occurring now in the world, and for all time, was made possible by the senders. The senders are those led by God to pray, support, and champion the cause of missions in their local congregations. God’s love is sent to the farthest reaches of the earth because it is SENT by His people. The greatest need in the world of missions today is for senders!




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