Fire at Galilee Home

There was an early morning fire at the UBS / Galilee campus in Myanmar recently. The UBS dining hall and an attached building were badly damaged. We are not sure at this point if the structures can be salvaged, but thankfully no one was hurt. City firefighters came to extinguish the blaze. Unlike the US, the cost of such municipal services falls on the property owner and generate a barrage of red-tape and seemingly arbitrary charges. Navigating the labyrinth of government bureaucracy threatens to be as bad as the fire itself and is challenging Morris a bit right now. When asked how it was all coming together his response was simply, “We need a lot of prayers.”

Your donations are already helping as a good bit of rice and food items that were lost have been replaced. That said, we are only at the beginning of a long road. One major complication is that Covid-19 infections have increased dramatically in Myanmar and the government has reacted by locking down the country. Everything is restricted, so we move forward at a snail’s pace.



Dispatches from the front lines of the Mission Field

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