Please pray for these new additions to the Galilee family. You are partnering with the Lord to enlarge our garden. We will have more details about these new kids as they become available. What a privilege to have our hand to the plow on the mission field! This is how the world is made better… one at a time.

Meet the newest kids at Galilee: Eng 13 and Zo Nun 8

These two sweet boys have joined the Galilee family. Please pray for them as they transition to their new home and get to know all their new brother sand sisters.

For I was a stranger and you invited me in…   Matthew 25:35


Dispatches from the front lines of the Mission Field

How It All Started

The amazing story of how missionaries brought the Gospel to the Mizo people, and how that blessing continues to expand, even to this very day.

Hello Gardener

We take great care about the manner in which we grow our garden. For this, we have some foundational principles that guide us in all things.